Camera Clip from Peak Design

Late last year, after a very long absence, I threw myself into the world of photography again.
Since I got out of it a lot has happened.
Photography has gone digital now….. shock to the system!
After coming to grips a small bit with the ‘new way’ of the art, I started to think how I could combine my passion of mountaineering with my found again hobby of photography.
The problem seem to be having your camera there when you want it.
After some trawling on the net and reading some of Alexandre Buisse’s blogs, I came across the Camera clip made by Peak Design, a small company in California

The system consists of two parts, the clip holder, which attaches to the shoulder strap of your backpack and the clip itself, which attaches to your camera.
The clip inserts securely into the holder and is quickly released by pressing a button and removing the camera of the holder.
It’s a revolutionary concept and works really well.
I opted for a camera that is weather proof, so a small bit of rain or snow doesn’t affect it, Making it a perfect match for the clip.
Camera Clip System

Check out their website !


Woolpower garments supplied by Alpine Sports

I previously had written a piece about the wonderfully comfortably warm and cosy garments of woolpower. But my masterpiece had somehow disappeared from my blog. I believe most likely to do with my novice ignorance of the intricacies of blog writing. So, without further a due, immerse yourself in the fuzzy world of wool power!

There is a small advantage to the fact that that particular blog was lost, as now I have expanded my array of said garments extensively. I have been an owner of woolpower undergarments, 150 and 200 weight tops and recently a 400 weight vest which is sooo nice, I don’t want to take it of.
Despite the fact that they are made of wool (and a small percentage of some stretchy stuff to keep the shape) they are not itchy at all. One of the major benefits is they don’t get smelly. I have worn one for a solid week and had an independent party confirm the lack of odour. They can be washed up to 60 degrees, so no messing around, just pop them in to your washing machine. They dry quickly as well.
Long story even longer 😄, they are a fantastic and for me, a piece of kit I would never go without.

They can be bought from Nigel Dixon at Alpine Sports
He is the main dealer in Ireland for the brand.
I think he is still doing a discount on them!

So, don’t wait any longer, and go and get some comfort!!


Midge No More (insect repellent)



I recently got acquainted with a small company from Scotland run by Heather Tanner.

They make an insect repellent. Its the very aptly named company Midge No More…. says it all!

The product is totally natural, so no need to worry about nasty chemicals leaking in to your system via the skin

I have used it now for a week and I have to say I’m amazed! Not only did it stop them biting, it also keeps the little buggers away, they musn’t like the smell

Talking about the smell…Its quite nice, kinda herby

So try it out 🙂